Rear Bumper Sill Cover S.Steel (Brushed)

SKU : 4022093T

Rear Bumper Sill Cover S.Steel (Brushed)

Compatible Vehicles

Brand Model Year Body Type
KIA SPORTAGE (2015- 2018 ) SUV QL (FL)

Our stainless steel product group, which is made of 304 quality stainless steel material, gives your vehicle a more stylish and elegant appearance and protects your vehicle against external factors with its easy installation feature.

Rear Bumper Sill Cover

The "Rear Bumper Sill" gives your vehicle a distinctive appearance as well as prevents scratching and abrasion of your rear bumper while loading into the trunk.


"Rear Bumper Sill Cover" made of 304 quality black brushed stainless steel with stainless steel, which can be preferred by vehicle owners who do not prefer bright appearance on the vehicle, is provided with high-strength double-sided tapes, Does not require cutting and drilling. It does not contain plastic, does not rust, is resistant to weather conditions.