Alu. Roof Bars 2 Pcs. Black

SKU : 4913930B

Alu. Roof Bars 2 Pcs. Black

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Our Carry-Tec product branch, designed as customer friendly by our engineers with the optimized weight balance. Thanks to the high quality aluminum material that we use, our products have a high resistance against corrosion. You may increase your secure weight carrying capacity by choosing our products and proceed to your travel & delivery plans where you left off. 

Elegance Roof Rails

Show your class in the traffic with the Elegance model. With the high weight carrying capacity and positive montage style (Screwing installation) you can carry weight up to 75 Kg comfortably. Its material structure contains A Grade Aluminum that has high resistance against oxidation (Body), hardened ergonomic plastic material used for the feet. It’s available with Black & Gray color options.