OMTEC Auto Accessories entered the automotive accessories sector in 1995 with 14 workers and 3 machines in Bursa. Today, we are proud to have thousands of different products with its 2 factories on 30.000 m² area and structuring on 3 continents. We provide quality automobile interior and exterior accessories to automobile manufacturers and accessories industry at competitive prices by combining technical knowledge,  and skills with production infrastructure. OMTEC is operating as an innovative and leading international organization in its sector. Today, we exports to more than 50 countries and at the same time we continue to cooperate with official OEM subsidiaries. In 2006 we established a branch in Herne Germany under the name of OMAC GmbH, then after the huge success of the later, in 2008 we established a new branch in Houston USA under the name of OMAC USA Inc. This way OMTEC brand became a popular brand around the globe.

 With our high quality wood, chrome, aluminum, ABS and carbon accessories, we are proud to offer to you the best products with the best prices with the principle of satisfying all the customer’s needs.We make special production for more than 45 automobile brands, to give the car owners unlimited options to personalize their vehicles and make them feel different and happier with the products we supply.


Omtec always works with the principle of customized planning for the customer, by analyzing the needs of the Automotive sector and its different markets. By understanding the needs and requirements, we plan our production activities without sacrificing quality and aesthetics.


With our high-technology machines, we make vehicle-specific design by conducting research and development of each part. Our talented designers and product development engineers use high-technology to develop the best quality, durable products for your vehicles. With the mission of keeping appearance, quality and functionality together, Omtec produces accessories with the best quality without ignoring the requests of our valued customers.


Today, we are exporting to more than 50 countries, we are pleased to offer our support for pre-sales and after-sales operations to our valued customers with a very highly trained sales specialist staff and all our technical equipment.

With every OMTEC product you purchased, you can be assured that we do our best to keep our customers happy and satisfied.

 As OMTEC, we are very pleased with the investments and works we have made for you. We continue to develop and offer the best automotive accessories that you can buy for its creativity, efficiency, aesthetics and quality.