Hüseyin Bağcı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Omtec Automotive, who said that they are going to change lanes in their companies in Germany, said, "We started online sales in retail and saw that it promised a future. It affected our turnover by about 10 percent. This year, when we predict 25 percent growth, we will implement the same project in the United States. If America is positive, we will also establish an online sales company in China in 2016-2017. We think we can sell accessories to European brands such as BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen from China, where there is a large market and fierce competition. We now have two customers in China, where we are participating in fairs. Our next step in online sales will be Japan. As a company, we are looking for different markets." Noting that they aim to increase profitability and pave the way for the sector, Bağcı said they expect online sales with Germany and America to affect year-end turnover by 12 percent.


Bağcı said that Omtec, which serves Renault, Tofaş, Ford, Hyundai and Nissan at home, made OEM expansion abroad by giving products to Mercedes Citan through a partner company last year. Bağcı stated that export rates increased from 40 percent in total production in 2012 to 50 percent in 2013 and 60 percent last year. Our target export rate is 65-70 percent. Our main market countries include Germany, Uk, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Russia, Argentina, Algeria and Iran. Last year, we have made new customers in America, Australia, China and Japan."


Explaining that they have put a second plant investment on the agenda in order to ensure that their existing facilities in Demirtas Organized Industrial Zone do not meet the need and to serve the defense industry as well as automotive, Bağcı said, "We have taken action for 7,000 square meters of closed space. We aim to increase production and turnover with the building investment we envision as 3 million liras. We will increase our production from 300 teams per day in aluminum to 700-800. There will be 20 percent growth in total production." On the other hand, Bağcı said that they started to start automation by renewing the machine park, "Last year we had a technology investment of 2 million liras. This year, when we predict 20 percent growth in production, we will buy 2 million lira machines with automation weight. Our investments will continue in the coming years."