Omtec Automotive, which started it’s activities in Bursa in 1995 to operate in the field of automotive accessories and is one of the pride sources of the Turkish Automotive Sector with exports to approximately 40 countries, has succeeded in leading it’s sector in a short time with the product range it has offered. Directing the sector with the interior and exterior accessories they produce suitable for all vehicle types, Omtec has achieved a first in this field by selling products every 80 seconds all over the world. We talked to Omtec Automotive General Manager Aldemir APARI, who has made a name for himself in the automotive sector with his R&D studies and innovations he has brought to the sector, about the company and it’s goals.

 ■■ Mr. Aldemir, could you tell us about the establishment story and fields of activity of Omtec Otomotiv?

Omtec Automotive was founded in Bursa in 1995 by Mr. Hüseyin BAĞCI, who is still our chairman of the board. Our company, which developed only various wood veneer products at that time, started to produce chrome accessories in the early 2000s and became the leading company in the sector in this field. Our company carries out production with 2 different factories serving in a total of 8 thousand m2 closed area. 180 personnel, each of whom are experts in their field, work in our structure. As Omtec Automotive, we; Interior and exterior accessories for vehicle aesthetics with materials such as stainless steel, plastic, aluminum and wood, armrest solutions for in-vehicle comfort; We serve our customers with more than 3 thousand product types such as roof racks, side steps, front and rear guards for transportation and protection.


As Omtec Automotive, we develop projects directly with vehicle manufacturers in Turkey and abroad. In these projects, we take on the guiding role of the process with our experience, engineering and technical ability. Therefore, before the vehicle is available for sale, we examine the vehicle and develop products that will appeal to the end consumer. In this context, end consumers can meet with our products offered both as standard on the vehicle and as an option in vehicle purchases. Of course, these products we develop are subjected to serious quality processes and independent tests approved around the world in the process until they reach the end consumer. What is essential for us is that every product that comes out of our factory accompanies it’s users with confidence and pleasure for many years. In this context, I think we are one of the few companies that offer a lifetime product warranty. For this reason, we are always preferred by our customers and end consumers. The reasons why the vehicle manufacturers, with which we have developed projects together, prefer us, are our wide machine park and the quality certificates we have. As a company that has adopted the principle of bringing firsts to the sector, we have completed all our preparations to introduce a new product group to the market. We will present the carbon product range, in which we have been conducting the R&D process for about 5 years and have made serious investments in the same direction, to the appreciation of our customers and followers. Our products are produced by shaping the fabric woven from carbon fiber with a special mold technique. We aim to respond to the trends and consumer trends in the world market with our carbon product range.


We are a company that has the mission of bringing the visual tastes of automobile enthusiasts to life and providing them with more enjoyable driving experiences. In this direction, the positive feedback from our customers makes us extremely happy. We would like to thank all the car lovers who allowed us to put the finishing touches on the vehicles they loved.


Our products are offered to consumers through our customers in 4 different continents. We made a serious investment in Germany in order to provide faster service to our customers in Europe. In this direction, our branch, which has a closed area of 3 thousand m2, can deliver our products to our end consumers all over Europe via Germany, within hours, with the OMAC brand. With this investment, we also contribute to the country's economy by bringing the products of domestic producers who can meet our quality standards together with our customers in Europe.

 ■■ What are your next goals as a company?

In order to provide faster service to our customers in the America continent, we are preparing to realize the same investment we have made in Germany in America. As Omtec Automotive, one of our investment plan is in the field of Defense Industry. Our motivation for ballistic vest and ballistic helmet products, where we have been conducting R&D studies for about 4 years, is quite high. The results we got from our studies and independent tests are very positive. We will make our name heard very soon with these works we do in the Defense Industry. Another issue is to double our production in 2018 with our new production facility with a closed area of 12 thousand m2, which we invested in 2017. In this direction, we will continue to work for our country with the innovations and investments we will make in both the Defense Industry and our current business areas.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Source: HaberTürk Gazetesi / Ekonomi Sayfası (23.04.2017)